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Thursday 18th January 2018

Minutes of Meeting of the Committee of Milngavie in Bloom held on

Thursday 18th January 2018 at 7.00pm in Friendship House, Park Road, Milngavie

Present: Douglas Cameron, Andy Muir, Heather Lindsay, Nigel Thorp, Evelyn Parbrook, Sandra Wilson

Apologies: Rona Macleod, Eve Gilmore, Tim Rhead, Ian Pascoe, Anne Craw

  1. No matters arising from the previous minutes of 9 and 30 November 2017

  2. Chairman’s Report/Secretary’s Report

  3. Winter Warmer - Saturday 27th January, St Andrews Church Hall, 12.30pm.

Committee meet at 11.30pm for set up, event closes by 2pm.

Douglas has invited Jo Swinson (MP), Gil Paterson (MSP), and Ross Greer (MSP) and 3 councillors, Jim Gibbons (SNP) Jim Goodall (Lib), and Graeme McGinnigle (Con).

Provost Alan Brown (Con). Also Wilson and Ruth Blakey (MCDT), Iain McAllister (MCC), Fiona Farris, Volunteer Manager at Carers Link and James Higgins (Lillie Art Gallery). 9 guests confirmed.

Volunteers’ invitations Action: IP

Name badges (sticky labels) and register of attendees, donation can, and tombola. Action: AM

Tombola donations Action: All

Annual Reports, rose bowl and certificates Action: DC

Catering as discussed (see separate sheet) Action: SW/EP

  1. Storage Shed – groundwork has commenced. The shed was ordered on 9th January and should be ready for beginning of April. It will be positioned at the rear of the Youth Centre on paving slabs with a small ramp and double doors. There will be a panel with a double socket and a light switch. 10 heavy duty hooks and 30 feet of shelving. External water tap. Key holders and a register to be organised later by Milngavie in Bloom.

  2. BID – have appointed a new female manager starting work early February.

  3. Calendar 2018 – sold well. Andy presented figures to date but more funds outstanding from advertisers and retail outlets before full figures are known. Action: AM

  4. Data Protection and Health and Safety held over for the next meeting. Action : DC

  5. Newsletter – was sent out at the beginning of January.

  6. Publicity and Fundraising – further discussions at the next meeting.

  7. Committee Meetings – dates for 2018 have been circulated.

  8. Volunteers’ Calendar of Work Day – circulated to committee. Needs to be advertised amongst shops/schools/churches/public buildings/noticeboards. Action: IP

  9. Volunteers’ Hours – to be discussed at next meeting.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

  2. A budget sub group meeting was held on 8th January. A note of the meeting will be compiled and circulated. Action: AM

  3. Financial statement – See attached

  4. OSCR – changes to constitution and committee Action: AM

  5. HMRC - Changes to charity officials. Action: AM

  6. Community Fundraising – a discussion took place regarding increasing efforts during this 10th anniversary year. The treasurer has estimated the organisation need £6,000 per annum to maintain twice year planting of all tubs and barrels/beds. Grant funding is usually only available for new projects and there is a need to consolidate on past growth. £7,000 has been ring-fenced i.e. £2,000 form Rhona Gilmour’s bequest and £5,000 from an anonymous donation. Public donations brought in £2,000 and the organisation is still waiting to find out if there might be some BID funding in 2018. The BID is due to be voted on in the spring of 2019. If not successful MiB may have to adopt the planters or get sponsorship for replacement planting. Some suggestions for community fundraising include our own upcoming events, a stand and/or bag packing day at Tesco or Waitrose. It was also suggested appeals could go into the community magazine, publicity materials and even some form of legacy fundraising. Andy informed the committee that Craigmarloch Nursery will no longer accept cheques so he will set up online banking and ask Bank of Scotland if they might consider accepting donations in person at the bank from the community on our behalf. Action: AM

Fundraising Report

  1. Grant Fundraising: Meeting will be held on 6th February at Nigel’s house at 2pm. Action: NT/DC/AM

  2. Dunclay Trust makes its decision this month and £1,500 may be available. Action: NT

  1. Clean Sweep Report – Issued previously.

  1. Gardening Group Report

  2. Vandalism and theft – police have identified culprits from CCTV and there have been reports of trouble at the station too. Efforts need to be made within secondary schools to highlight the work of MiB and there is the thought that in the Year of Young People more could be done to engage with them. As well as theft from the planter beside the Bank of Scotland Andy said plants had been pulled out of the WHW. 10-15% had been saved but they will need replacing.

  3. Allander Walkway - Jenny Overton had met with Jackie Gillespie and a grant is required for the total amount of work. The committee feel that it is beyond their capabilities as tree stumps need removed and there is a broken drain so it will be the responsibility of the council.

  4. Gardeners’ Meeting – 1st February in the Fraser Centre. 2pm Action: EP/IP

  5. Gardening Year month by month - to be finalised. Action : EP/HL

  6. Community Bed - planning ongoing by the Gardening sub-committee. Action: EP

  7. Southgate Bed - permission and advice will need to be sought from a Planning Officer. Action: DC

  8. Victoria Place – Jackie Gillespie completed a Stalled Space Application for £2,200 funding. The plan is for MiB to plant up but that Jackie secures a contractor for the heavy ground work.

  1. AOB and date of next meeting

A fundraising meeting will be held on 6th February at Nigel’s house at 2pm. See item 4.a) above.

The next committee meeting will be held on Thursday 22nd February 2018 at 7pm in Friendship House.

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